SOP football competitions: expected victories

SOP football competitions continued in its 12th edition with Aspire stadiums hosting matches of the private school second level tournament. In the second group British International School drew 4:4 with Step One School. Al-Noor Language School defeated Newton School 8:4 and Step One School  4:1 as well as British International School 6:1. Newton School scored a 6:1 victory over British International School while losing to Step One School 4:5.

In the third group Olive International School won over Phoenix School 2:0 as well as Noble International 2:1. In its turn Cambridge school team defeated Noble International School team 5:0, Phoenix School 4:0 and Olive School 3:0.

In the fourth group Newton School defeated Gulf and Pearl schools with the same score 5:0 as well as scored 3:0 victory over Doha Modern Indian School. It its turn Doha Modern Indian School beat Pearl School 2:1.

The fifth group saw a 5:1 victory of Birla Public School over Pakistanian Pak Shamaa which also lost 0:4 to the Lebanese School Al Hitmi.

In the sixth group the American Academy scored a 3:0 win over Greenwood School. Rajagiri Public School defeated both, American Academy (6:0) and Greenwood (5:0) while having scored a draw 1:1 with Shantiniketan School. In its turn Shantiniketan School defeated Greenwood 9:0 and American Academy with a score 3:0.

The seventh group witnessed American Academy scored a 1:0 victory over Sudanese School, which in its turn beat Bangladesh School 3:1.

In the eighth group Al Jazeera Academy and Green Park School drew nil-nil. Al Faisal International Academy won 3:2 over Next Generation School team. Al-Jazeera defeated both, Al Faisal International (5:0) and Next Generation (6:0). Green Park School beat Next Generation scoring 1:0.

In the ninth group Oscar Academy scored a 5:1 win over Al Andalus Private School. Summit Academy won over Iqra English School by 1:0. Oscar Academy drew 1:1 with Summit Academy.

In the tenth group the Lebanese School won over Al Manar International Al Dafna School by 3:0, Al Furqan School defeated Al Manar International School 5:3 while Al Furqan drew 1:1 with the Lebanese School.