The start of the Olympic Games Football School

The 11th edition of the Olympic Games was launched in the 11th edition of the Olympic Games.

These competitions have reached their playoffs starting from the quarter-finals, which will be held in the knockout system and then semi-final and final.

The three competitions will be held on Tuesday (November 7th) at the Academy of Sports Excellence Stadium to determine the winners of the top three in this year’s competition in the first and second levels of football until the rest of the study stages are completed.

These matches witnessed a good technical level by all the teams that participated in the competition as everyone was aspiring to reach the finals, which sparked the competition and some surprises, but in general there was a state of satisfaction from the officials of the program as well as football coaches in various clubs Who were keen to pursue the competition and select the outstanding talent to include their clubs.

In the first group of the first level, a number of matches were held, with Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud winning the school of Kamal Naji with a score of 7/4. Malik bin Anas’s school won the Abdullah bin Zeid Al Mahmoud School with a score of 5/1 and the same school on Kamal Naji scored 2-0.

Three games ended in a draw as Malik Bin Anas tied Khalifa’s model with no goals and Kamal Naji with Khalifa Model 1/1. Another match was also tied to the Khalifa Model School by Abdullah Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud with a 2-2 score.

After these games, the team of Malik bin Anas school stand out with 7 points and Abdullah bin Zaid 4 points and Khalifa model 3 points and last place Kamal Naji with no balance of points .. These results qualified schools Malik bin Anas and Abdullah bin Zaid for the final stage which Will be held on Tuesday, November 7, which will be held on the grounds of Academy Aspire Sports Academy

In the second group of the second level, Madrasati Al Qadisiya and Abdullah Bin Turki qualified for the playoffs where the quarterfinals will be held on Tuesday (November 7th) after they won the first and second places with 9 points for Al Qadisiyah School and 6 points for Abdullah Bin Turki School.

Al-Qadisiya Ali Abdullah Bin Turki scored 2-1, Al-Qadisiya on Jerusalem 7-0, Abdullah Bin Turki Ali Hittin 6-0 and Al-Qadissiya on Hittin with a score of 2/1.

In the third group of the second level, the schools of Omar bin Al Khattab and Saud bin Abdul Rahman qualified for the final stage where they came up after they finished first and second in the group.

In the fourth group of the second level, Abdul Hamid Al-Dail and Al-Sail for the final stage, which is held in Aspire, also completed on November 7 after they finished first and second place in the group with 7 points.

This group witnessed a strong competition between Abdul Hamid Al-Dail and Al-Sakhlas schools, with excellent levels. They won the Abdullah Bin Jassim Al-Mahmoud School and both won 2-2 to take first place in the group.