Great conclusion of the volleyball school Olympic program

The head of the organizing committee of the Qatar School Sports Federation, Ali Ghanim Al-Kuwari, Chairman of the Qatar Volleyball Federation and Abdulrahman Al-Muftah, Director of the Qatar Sports Federation, Executive Director of the School Sports Union, Salah Mohammed Al Baker, Khalid Harun Al Ali, School Director Ahmad bin Mohammed Al Thani and Ibn Taymiyya, as well as teachers and teachers of Physical Education.

The program also witnessed the establishment of the first and second place matches at all stages and the crowning of the winners. Rabia Al Kaabi also donated medals of the Olympic program entitled “Tameem Al Majd” to Ali Ghanem Al Kuwari, President of the Federation of Aircraft.
The inauguration ceremony of the first level was attended by six teams: Al Khor Model School, Al Wafaa Model School Team, Al Shamal Model Group, Othman Bin Affan Model Team, Rashad Model Group, Indian DPS Team “He said.
In the second stage, the Jabir Bin Hayyan School won first place to win gold medals. Al Khor School won second place to crown silver medals. Umm Al Qura School team finished third with bronze medals. In the preparatory stage, the Hamza Bin Abdulmutallab School team won the first place to crown the gold medals, and the Abu Bakr Al Siddiq school team in second place to win silver medals.

Ali Ghanim Al – Kuwari: Schools are the real mine of talent
Ali Ghanim Al-Kuwari, head of the Federation of Aircraft, stressed the importance of schools for all games, including volleyball. He said that when they started the game, they discovered the schools and started after it, considering schools to be the real mines for talent. His breakthrough even to professionalism.

Rabia Al Kaabi: Our goal is homogeneity among students
Rabia Mohammed Al Kaabi, Chairman of Qatar School Sports Federation, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic School Program, was very impressed by the great participation of the students.
“We are very happy to have the plane completed at the primary, junior high and high school levels, and the program has come to a close after a long season in which everyone has cooperated,” he said. Levels, promote the values ​​of the importance of sport, and body safety through its practice.