Students sparkle in SOP Football Competitions

DOHA, January 28, 2019. The football competitions for boys’ public primary schools, within the 12th edition of the Schools Olympic Program (SOP) continued on Sunday, bringing the level two-finalists to the third round.

In public schools event, Muaz Bin Jabal Independent, Kamal Naji progressed to the third stage. Muaz bin Jabal Independent school won over Hetteen Model 3-0, Kamal Naji 2-0, and drew with Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud 2-2. In the second group, the schools of Zubayr ibn Al-Awam and Semisma qualified for the third round. Zubayr ibn Al-Awam topped the group after winning the school of Jabir Bin Hayyan 1-0 and Al Shahaniya school 4-1 and drew 1-1 with the school of Semisma. 

In the third group, Abdullah bin Rawahah and Al Dhakhira schools also made it to the third stage. Abdullah bin Rawahah beat Al Qadesya 2-0, Al Dakheera with the same score and Al Kaaban 1-0.

In the fourth group, Saad bin Muad and Al Ikhlas Model schools qualified for the next round after taking the first and second place respectively. Saad Bin Muad won over Al Ikhlas Model school with a score of 3-1, then beat Al Shamal 4-0, while Al Ikhlas Model won over Al Shamal 3-1. 

In private schools’ event, in the first group Newton International Academy and Al Jazeera Academy qualified for the third round. The Newton International Academy beat Doha Academy (Al Waab Branch) with a score of 3-1 and drew 2-2 with the Al Jazeera and 1-1 with Summit Academy.

In the second group, Indian and Cambrige schools qualified for the third round after Cambridge beat Indian 2-1 and played a 1-1 draw with Tunisian school and with the Lebanese (Al Hitmi branch). 

In the third group, Gulf and Iqra English schools qualified for the third round after Iqra school won over Gulf English 1-0 and over the Lebanese school 2-0 and then Rajagiri Indian school 4-0.

In the fourth group, Al Noor Language School and Edison International Academy (Al Markhiya branch) qualified for the third round after they succeeded in occupying the first and second positions in the group respectively. Al Noor won the Green Park with a score of 4-2, Edison Academy 3-0 and the American Academy 5-0.

Ali Al-Hitmi, Qatar School Sports Association (QSSA) Secretary-General and SOP Organizer, praised the general technical level of the competitions in this year’s edition. QSSA Secretary-General also said: “We are pleased not only with the a high-level participation within the current edition of the School Olympic Program but also with the keenness of both, public and private schools, to attend our competitions.” Besides, Ali Al-Hitmi marked out the importance of support different Qatar sports federations give talented students to join national sports teams. Moreover, Ali Al-Hitmi pointed out that the football competitions within this year’s edition are very strong: high participation of talented students from different schools has contributed greatly in bringing competitions to a higher level.

The SOP is held annually as a collaborative effort of Qatar School Sports Federation (QSSF) and Ministry of Education and Higher Education, with hundreds of student athletes competing from all over Qatar.

The SOP committee aims to spread a culture of sports throughout Qatar’s schools and to engage the entire community in active and healthy lifestyles while retaining local values and traditions.