SOP Competitions Enter Quarterfinals

SOP competitions within the 12th edition entered quarterfinals. There were strong football competitions held for the secondary school students on the venue of the Aspire Academy.

The school football competitions demonstrated strength and excitement. Many officials from Aspire Academy, school’s supervisors and SOP representatives have attended the event. The competition has also been observed by coaches from various clubs with an aim to select the best players among those playing on these competitions so that these students could become a part of their sport clubs’ teams.

In group A in the secondary stage event, the Blyth Academy and Tunisian School qualified for the semifinals. The Tunisian school succeeded in winning the Pakistan International School with the score of 3:0 and the MES Modern Indian school with the same score. The Tunisian school drew with the Blyth Academy and made a way to semifinal – approaching very close now to the medal pedestal of this year’s competitions. The same is true for the Blyth Academy, which team succeeded in winning the MES Indian school with a score of 3:0 and then made a 1:1 draw with the Pakistani school.

In group B in the same event, from the quarterfinals to the semifinals made their way the following schools: Palestinian school team and Micheal E. DeBakey High School team. The Micheal E. DeBakey High School won over the Gulf English School with a score 3:2, drew with the Palestinian school with no goal scored during the match and lost 0:2 to the Jordanian school. Meanwhile the Palestinian school beat the Gulf English School with a score 2:0 and Jordanian school 1:0. Palestinian school made a draw with Micheal E. DeBakey High School. Having succeeded in leading their group, both teams advanced to the semifinals.
In the primary stage – level two event Al Zubair bin Al-Awam School and Al Ikhlas Model school qualified for the quarterfinals. Al Zubair bin Al-Aaam school team beat the school of Abdullah bin Rawahah scoring  the winning two goals, Al-Ikhlas school with a score 2:1 and then Kamal Naji School 2-0. Al Ikhlas school made a 1:1 draw with Kamal Naji school and Abdullah bin Rawahah with the same score.
Another group in the same event saw the teams of Muaz bin Jabal and Simaisma schools qualified for the quarterfinals as well. Muaz bin Jabal defeated Saad bin Muaz 5:1 and also won Simaisma school 1:0, but lost to Al Zakhira school 1:2. In its turn, Simaisma school won over Saad bin Muaz school with a score 3-1 and Al Zakhira with a score 1-0.